A Bot:
"A 'program' which monitors and interacts with the channel when and where required."
This is where you will find a little information about the bots that run on #TSA_list and also
commands that are open to all regulars and new users of the channel.

Genie Bot
History and Information

Genie started out as nothing more the a old mIRC script which Tracy (Winc) 'stole' from a warezscript. Though a lot of time and luck, Winc managed to get a few very basic wishes created and working on #TSA_list. After a month Genie got a little larger and soon at all of twenty wishes and a few triggers which meant she was a little more life like. Genie was a part of the family, a MAJOR part of a family that was starting to really enjoy the channel. However, Winc had to lose the network account she had and in a very tearful display she was about to kill Genie. However, Dana (Zuul) offered to look after Genie until Winc could again take back looking after the bot. Well, Zuul and Winc hit it off and very soon Genie helped Zuul and Winc become great friends, and also helped with making Zuul the co-owner of #TSA_list. Zuul made a heap of changes to Genie, and soon her whole system took up more harddrive space, and seemed almost human on the channel. In fact, there have been reports of people coming on to the channel and almost thinking Genie wasn't a bot. Her wishes grew and her commands grew, she was becoming one of the best wishbots out there. Zuul and Winc started writing a story based on the #TSA_list and Genie, and soon the word of the channel was out (you can find this story in the Story section). However, since the channel has grown, Genie has made a few too many enemies. Mainly the problem was that the triggers that Genie responded to were great when the channel was smaller, but now #TSA_list has more then 30 users sometimes, her triggers are hit more offen and she can sometimes spam the channel. Therefore, Genie is again being handed on to another scripter to make her smaller and less active, but keeping her a great wishbot. Also, we will be adding ignore commands which will allow people to have Genie ignore everything the user says. So please, if you find Genie upsets you a little, please keep calm and understand that she will be better soon.


While GenieBot is in the channel, she allows for some very funny, and neat things to happen. Mainly - Genie is a Xform bot, and stores a wide range of transformation scripts which will 'virutally' transform you into another being, human, sex, etc, etc. At present, Genie is going through some internal changes which will increase the commands avaviable to people, but will also increase her capasity to offer more fun to the #TSA_list user. Just type any of the following on the channel, and you will get your wish.



Genie, I wish I was a (insert form)

Commands Genie to transform you into specified object.  Some forms may have a description along with the transformation. eg. "Genie, I wish I was a woman" Will change you into any number of different types of woman that genie has built inside her. If you want examples, usually the regulars on channel will lend out a helping hand.

Genie, what am I?

Genie will tell you what form is saved for you in her database. If she replies that you are a plain and boring human, that is possibly because you have yet to chose your online form.

Genie, What are the bad words?

This gives you a list of all the bad words that genie will ban you for and kick you for. Please do not be offended if you ask this.

Genie, tell me a secret

This commands Genie to send you a listing of forms which you can Xform into, and includes a description of each. She sends this to you in a /msg window.

Draco Bot

History and Information

Draco actually is the third generation of a string of bots, experiments, and general attempts at scripting. It all started a long time ago with a small bot called Zooky, who generally didn't do much, and was mainly comprised of triggers that seemed to spam. I was very new to scripting, so had yet to figure out how to make wish scripts work etc. After a few weeks of work however, things got rolling, and with the help of dana and a few others, zooky was reborn as tanya, who turned out quite well. Tanya had about 100 wishes, and even had a random form option. But a lot of things felt like they were missing to me. For example, I wanted to make a bot that could remember what people were, and provide a description of any transformation they could feasibly think of. So then, in a big spree of work which lasted roughly 7 weeks, draco was "completed" and released into the channel replacing tanya. At first draco couldnt remember, however he had a LOT of wishes, and an ever increasingly large script. The main goal at the time was to make him intelligent but not spammy, so he was set to respond only when spoken to directly, but he was also set to respond to literally thousands of possibly actions, comments, questions, commands and more. People were amazed at how many things they tried as a joke actuallty turned out to be a trigger! Things grew quite, but little did most of the channel realize he was still hard under construction, with his nick literally translating into his version (Draco_v*) and working behind the scenes with scratch, spidaur, danielsan, sc-macaw, and many more great helps, we managed to first construct a list of every possible form we could think of, everything from a tauntaun from starwars to a flag to a toothbrush, and made the descriptions. LOTS of them. But there was still one final element left. Remembering. And it happened on one quiet weekend. The channel was going slow, and I started a determined tinkering to get it to work. Soon several people were in the channel helping out, testing scripts as they were added, making suggestions, and most importantly providing support. To be honest I doubt I would have spent so long on it if the hadn't kept pushing me on. And finally, it worked. I figured out how draco could remember people in a compatible manner, which was tricky. Not only did draco need to remember custom wishes and ones that were written, but he had to remember wishes from a list of hundreds of random forms. Another 5 hour trek resulted in such. So now draco has been updated, ever still, and you can still see his version change quite often. He's come a long way, and I hope he can keep going strong. And as a bit of novelty and roleplay, occaisionally tanya shows up in channel to express her bitterness against draco for taking over her spot..... ;)

(submited by Draco's Creator - Magus)


Here you will find Draco's commands, and what the commands do. Please note that flooding the channel with commands after commands would be classed as flooding, so make sure you take your time exploring what Draco has to offer.



Draco, what am I?

Give you your present saved form. A None means you still have to wish to be something. So "get wishing!"

Draco, what is (insert nick)?

Find out what someone else is.

Draco, pick a form

Get a random form! It can be a lot of fun, he's got lots.

Draco, pick a mammal form

Form from a list of mammals.

Draco, pick a bird form

Form from a list of avians.

Draco, pick a cervid form

Form from a list of cervids.

Draco, pick a farm form

Chickens, Cows, the works.

Draco, pick a reptile form

Komodo dragons to velociraptors, etc.

Draco, pick a morph form

A morphic animal form.

Draco, pick a canine form

Form from a list of canines.

Draco, pick a feline form

Form from a list of felines.

Draco, pick a cartoon form

Cartoon characters.

Draco, pick a strange form

Some pretty wacky and different stuff.

Draco, pick a fish form

Aquatic, goldfish, sharks, etc.

Draco, pick a human form

Believe it or not, there's various humans.

Draco, pick a were form

Werewolves and other werecreatures.

Draco, pick a taur form

Centaurs, raptaurs, and more.

Draco, pick a plant form

Form from a list of plants.

Draco, pick a equine form

Form from a list of equines.

Draco, how many have picked a form

Draco has a tally of the number of uses. Lots.

Draco, I wish I was a (insert form)

If you word it out, like "a morphic beaver with goggles" you probly wont get a description of the transformation but he'll still remember your new form as a "a morphic beaver with goggles". However, if you keep it simple like "a dolphin" or "a t-rex" for example, he should be able to provide a paragraph description of the transformation and form.

Draco, credits

List credits for the bot (in private).

Draco, level

Find out your userlevel. 4 means your registered, 2 means he recognizes you but I haven't added that user@isp to his organized list.

Draco, commands

List of commands.

Draco, what's new?

What happened in the latest update.

Draco, ping me

The bot pings you.

Draco, help

This gives you a tutorial on how to use the bot.

Undernet W Bot

History and Information

W became a member of the channel #TSA_list when Winc registered the #TSA_list with Undernet Cserive on 12th December 1997. Though W is a bot on #TSA_list, it is not owned by any of the #TSA_list memebers like Genie and Draco bots. W is a sister bot to X which are both owned and controlled by CService and Undernet. W's main fuction is to 'op' the channel operators and basically make sure that the channel is 'safe' from hackers, flooders, and the likes.


The W commands list is available for downlod, via DCC, from W by typing the following command, while in-channel with W:

/msg W send commands.txt

Or, if you want W to help you along the way, while in-channel, type:

/msg W help

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