"Cusomary, usually, or normally around on regular periods."
In this page you will find out who our regular users are. We have also included their webpages
and email addresses if they want them included.
Please note this page is growing as more people supply their bios for the page.


Robo was one of the original backers to the #TSA_List, and with his help, a lot of positive action came about to have #TSA_List grow.  He hasn't been on the channel much recently because of personal commitments and the fact that Robo is the webmaster for ROBO'S WORLD which takes up a lot of his personal time.  He is a 34-year old Canadian who enjoys writing and reading stories that involve TG, AR, and inanimate object transformations.  Robo prefers stories with unhappy or ironic endings due to watching far too much Twilight Zone as a child.  If you want to personally e-mail him, he has been kind enough to include his e-mail address at


Probably one of the most interesting characters on the #TSA_List, and believes he is far more evil then Bryan Derksen.  However, other than clobbering Bryan constantly, he is actually a very nice guy.  On the channel, he is usually a raccoon or cheetah most often, and most often, morphic versions, also.  In 'real life', he is 22 years old and a college student, who is majoring in Biology and minoring in Psychology (however, don't allow him to practice on you.  You might feel you are really lost, then).  TRuppell has been part of the TSA e-mail list for a little less than two years as of 1998, and has been part of the #TSA_List IRC channel for about 1.3 years as of 1998.  TRuppell's homepage is at and you can e-mail him at

EJRDuck (AKA EJRDrake)

EJRDuck is simply a male mallard duck.  The picture perfect mold of what America has taken as a 'common duck'.  A brilliant green head, a casually colored yellow bill with a specific black 'bean' marking on the front, white ring around the neck, a reddish/rust-colored/brown chest, slightly brownish/white wing feathers, big floppy orange webbed feet, and a few perfectly curled tail-feathers.  He stands only about a foot and a half tall (from toes to head), which is large for a mallard duck.
EJRDrake is bit more..uhm...complicated?  He is based upon a RP character EJRDuck plays.  He goes by the name "Strangedrake Inferno Billington Flashblade" (full name.  Shortened, it's just "Strangedrake Flashblade).  Basically, EJRDrake originates from the same universe/world as the rest of the Mighty Ducks (animated series).  He is 6'1", light tan feather color, almost always wearing a backwards baseball cap, covering his ear length (uhm...ducks don't have earlobes, so just...imagine :) ) brown hair.  A small portion is usually sticking out in the front, through the adjuster.  He wears blue jeans, usually a little on the loose side, but not to the extent of bagginess.  Usually, wearing an oversized Mighty Ducks jersey (customized, of course, with 'STRANGEDRAKE, 34' on the back) Pictures of EJRDrake can be found at

Channing & Feech

Channing and Feech are a married couple. Channing's favored form on the channel is a ring-tailed lemur, although, the Canadian Goose is his spirit animal. Feech tends to try any form once!  Feech also likes female-male transforms. Both are interested in all types of stories and post their writings to the List and their website. If you are confused as to who is at the keys, feel free to ask; it may be Channing, Feech, or someone else altogether. If you're talking to Channing himself, the nick will almost always have "Chan" somewhere in it.

BengalBC (AKA Bengal Blueclaw)

BengalBC is an extremeist TransSpecieis/Furry fan, which means he would do almost anything to attain an actual transformation in real life.  He's also one of the channel regulars.  BengalBC is a fierce-looking anthropomorphic bengal tiger, who was accidentally mutated when the toxic waste containers at an illegal drug factory exploded.   Since then, he's been trying to develop a strong spiritual connection with his kind.
During the time when he was still human, he developed a deep knowledg of computers and programming, and was also an amateur hacker.  He would be happy to share all his hard-earned knowledge with anyone needing it.
If you want to contact BengalBC via the internet, feel free to send an e-mail to or ovisit his webpage at His physical home is located in Lima, Peru (South America).


Nomadic Dragon is one of the smallest channel members, less than a foot tall and nonmorphic most of the time, he also considers himself one of the major channel members. At the least, he has one of the biggest mouths, but stays friendly and amicable. He never lets anyone forget he is proficient at creating mIRC scripts, using mIRC, and loves to help others in these areas.


Mut is a big, floofy, incorrectly spelled mutt. Simple, eh? In Real Life (and on the List), he is Mat Charles. (... which sometimes causes confusion, since there's _also_ a Charles Matthias, aka MattRat. They're two completely different people. Honest. If you get confused, just ask and we'll confuse they'll in a more interesting way.)
At the time of writing, Mut is a student at Cambridge University in the UK - though he's going to graduate before too long and may get thrown out into the cold, hard real world. In his supposedly free time, he does computer-tinkering, reading, role-playing - and, of course, IRC. He's also been known to write stories, though those are kind of on hold thanks to finals. They can be found at


Don't get TSA_Dad mixed up with Zuul or Winc. TSA_Dad is in fact the father of the channel (will more like the Grandfather ^_^). In fact, TSA_Dad is Thomas Hassen who is the creator of the TSA-TALK Mailing List which gave Winc the idea to create the #TSA_list channel.

BlueNight (AKA ChesnoAzul, NotGadget)

BlueNight is most often a cartoon lizard. He can change colors, but is most often green, with a yellow under/frontside and a blue tail. He'll talk at length with anyone about certain subjects, including Asperger's Syndrome, which can cause him to misunderstand statements and intentions. He usually only comes into the channel when doing other things, like email or web-browsing. Hugs, even virtual ones, make him uncomfortable, but he'll respond with a grin and a shake of the hand if you haven't seen him in a while. BlueNight can be contacted on


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