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A Collection of Links relating to #TSA_List and Transformations (TG and TF) Keep an eye on this link page - it will continue to change as we change, add and remove links as required

The "Transformation Story Archive" (The TSA-TALK homepage)

The Transformation Story Archive. This is the main page of Thomas Hassen, who is the owner of the TSA-TALK Mailing List.

The "Transformation Graphics Archive"

Transformation graphics (TG, TF - still, animated gifs, and movies), on the 'net. This page is still being updated, but it is will worth the visit because a lot of the picture links are now working. The page was down for a little while, but it appears the homepage owner is bring new life into one of the best Transformation Graphic homepages on the 'net.

Robo's World

Great place to find both Transformation Graphics and Stories. Robo is always updating this page, and the homepage is very well set out. He also has a page with many different pictures of models.


A wonderful site jam-packed with TG stories and a few mannequin stories. This homepage is new to the Internet scene, but it is based on a BBS version which used to be one of the oldest in the TG/TS scene. The homepage is very well set out, with keyword searches, catalog searches, and many other ways to find the story you are after.

Mannequin Lover's Homepage

Here you will find stories, and pictures regarding Mannequins, Robot and Status. Well worth a look, just for the way ML has set the page out - very well done.

Nifty Transsexual/Transgendered Stories

Though not as regularly updated as FictionMaina, this site still holds some very classic and good TG/TS stories.

Sapphire's Place

This page is in urgent need of updating, but I have it from good sources that it is getting a face lift which will bring new life into one of the oldest and most respected TG Internet Websites. If you like Spells 'R Us stories, Sapphire's page has a load of them, all great reading.

Addventure Game 3

One of the first choose your own adventure games on the internet, and it is full of transformation links (mainly TG, but there are areas still begging to be created which are for TF lovers). You can read a story and when you get to the end of what has been written you can write your own extension to the story the way you would like it to head. This link takes you to a old man's store which seems very much like the Old Man's Store in Spells 'R Us.

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