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One of the most important things for the owner (Winc) of #TSA_list is that the channel is supposed to be fun. A place where everyone can have a ball and want to come back for more fun later. So, have fun! That is an order ^_^ If your not having fun, why not? E-mail the owner on ( if you believe there is something that can increase the fun on the channel. However, understand, that fun doesn't mean you have to upset others in the process. However, please understand that there are important rules below which shouldn't be ignored. They are not designed to rob you of your fun, but more a way to make sure everyone else has fun also.


The topic for the TSA_list channel is Transformations, stories, and other related issues. However, even though there is no firm ruling which prevents you talking about other stuff on the channel, if you are asked by an op to take your topic private, then do so.


Do not insult others while in channel. It maybe a free right to have freedom of speech, but this channel also respects the rights of people to come to our channel without feeling like that are going to be picked on, insulted, or other nasty things. So, don't do it.


Normal swearing and other bad words are generally accepted in small doses, but if you get too 'vocal' with your swearing then the channel operators/managers will step in and kick you if you don't stop it. There are some words that are not allowed on the channel. If you want to know these words, ask genie for a "Bad word list"

see. Genie Bot Commands for further information


This channel supports copyright of authors, so the channel supports the copyrights and rights of software creators also.


Everybody on #TSA_list can not also be on porno/sex/warez/serialz/hackers/etc channels. You shall be asked to leave them if you are on them, if you don't leave either #TSA_list or the channels which are listed above, you will be kicked.


If you nuke or hack anyone/thing on the channel then you are automatically kicked and banned, and your whois information and logs of your activities will be supplied to IRCops so they can deal with you. We don't accept people like that on the channel, and we will make sure you will never come back on again. This also applies to threatening to do hacking, or nuking - we do not accept that type of behavior.


All types of flooding are not accepted on the channel. If you do flood, or even threaten to flood someone (or the Bot) you will be kicked and banned until the owners of the channel feel you are allowed back on. The same applies with nuking or hacking - we do not like it, we don't want it, so therefore we are very hard on those that try to flood the channel. This also includes any "repeating" of words or phrases over and over again, in order to be noticed.


Arguments that flair up and become off-topic or get nasty will be asked to taken in private. If not, all parties involved will be kicked.

(An extension of the above.)

Any "your computer sucks" arguments (including my OS is better then your OS) will immediately be asked to taken in private, and if not, all involved parties will be kicked.


This includes people who think they work for secret governments and departments that believe they have a right to spam on this channel. Since the owner comes from New Zealand it is against the laws for you to attack and spam people without them wanting you too. The owner believes in freedom of speech, but not the freedom to spam.


Other then on topic information please do not advertise other channels, sites, URLs, companies, or other off-topic information. This is so people can come to a place where they can escape the REAL-LIFE pressures of business and problems.


I'm sorry, even through it is a fact that TF/TG stories can include sex and adult material, please keep all your tiny-sex/virtual-sex (of you have any) in private and leave it off the channel. There are children who some to this channel, because they are interested in TF stories also, lets not get our channel shut down because we allow sex on the channel in front of minors.


This is basically a ask, that you please keep your role-playing on the channel to a minimal in the very busy times during the day. There is no set time but if you notice that others are a little upset with you having an all out role-playing game on the channel then please, take it private. We also expect that if you are asked to take the game private by an op, that you well. There is nothing wrong if you want to have a group role-playing game that you can make another channel for that moment to play your game.


There are only three Bots that are allowed on #TSA_list - no others. To repeat, there is not allowed to be ANY BOTS or CLONES on the channel. None, not one, never ever, don't ask, you will get told no - so don't waste the ops time. Sorry folks Bots are not something we want connected to the channel, we don't want the programming problems they can cause, and to tell the truth, it is something that both owners dislike and don't want either. If a Bot or Clone comes on, we will kick/ban the owner right away! No questions asked, no reason given, you will lose all rights to ever come back on the channel again. Full stop! (However, we do accept that sometime people loss connection and come back on before their ghost disappears - therefore these situations we will are okay with - and we have ways of knowing if it is a ghost or not - so don't try to fool us ^_^)

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