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To Change the form of; to change in shape or apprance; to metamorphose as, a
caterpillar is ultimately transformed into a butterfly.

#TSA_List, on the Undernet, is a channel for discussing physical transformations. It is also a place to have a friendly chat with people from Thomas Hassan's "Transformation Story Archive". If you like any form of physical transformation, you will find the #TSA_list a place for you to have fun and enjoy yourself. Please feel free to visit us.

LAST UPDATED : Tuesday, 13th Apirl 1999
(Please see Notes)


Welcome to the Webpage
By Tracy-Ann
Note Date : Tuesday, 13th April 1999

Welcome to the #TSA_List Homepage. I hope that this homepage gives you insightful information on how to get on IRC, the channel in question, and about many of the different things that are on the channel. Having run the channel for a while, I'm more then greatful for the information and ideas that have come from the users of the #TSA_List, so that I and my management team can make #TSA_List a better place for all its users. So if you have any ideas, please email them to me so that we can check them out. My email address is at the bottom of each page, just click on the #TSA_List @ Undernet picture. Well, I'll let you get to navigating.

Tracy-Ann Rose-Powell

Lastest Update Information
By Tracy-Ann
Note Date : Wednestday, 30th June 1999

There isn't much of a webpage update - however as you might have noticed we have changed server. Thanks to DragonDM for the chance to use his transform.to server. There won't be much change in speed - but at least now it is on it's own account. Other then that, there will be some more updates soon and more bios' added. Have a nice time until next time.


Update Information
By Tracy-Ann
Note Date : Tuesday, 13th April 1999

Well it came to a time to update the format of the #TSA_list homepage. Mainly one of the biggest changes was the removal of all the tables I had included with the previous version. The main reason for this is because of download time, since it meant a lot more code to have to download, then most browers hated me because then they would have to work out how to show the tables correctly. This was reported to cause problems with earlier versions of Opera and Netscape. Another thing is this 'Notes' section which will be updated everytime there is information to add, or change on the homepage keeping you informed of all the information about the channel. This Note section when made large enough will be moved to its own page also, but the up to date notes will stay on the main page. Please, give me feed back in regards to this webpage, since I have been using your peoples' feedback to create this new version. I have to thank Jason-Roo Tracer for the logo idea and for the title which you see on all the pages at the top left hand corner. Also, thanks to all the people who did give feedback and information about what the first version of this homepage was like, I hope this one is easier on most peoples systems.

Another important thing is, I'm sorry those using 256 colours. I have tried very very hard to create a page which will work in that colour setting, but even now it isn't as great as I was hoping. I am still working on creating a plate of colours that will work - however that means removing some of the graphics that are a part of this homepage. The next option is to create a 256 colour version, however I would like to hope that isn't needed as yet. This homepage has also been designed with 640x480 screen size users, modifing and altering all the graphics so that they work in 640x480 mode. Well hope you all like the new version. Again give as much feedback as you can.

Tracy-Ann Rose-Powell

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