"A narrative and chronological record of past events."
In this page you will find out some of the history of the #TSA_list.

by Winc

Well, where do I start. Firstly, if it wasn't for Thomas Hassen's Transformation Story Archive Mailing List, I would never have got to idea to create a interactive, IRC channel where people from that list could come and talk to other people who liked transformations and such stories. I first started the idea by bouncing it off a few friends on another IRC channel I was on at the time, and then on the 12th December 1996 I posted a email to the TSA-Talk Mailing List to inform everyone that the channel was open. At first, there was a little apprehension for the channel, and the channel took a little while to build up. However, after a while a small group of people (Wildstar, DanielSan, Zuul, EskimoJoe, Kpack, and me) were on the channel nearly everyday and every hour. Finally I got a little bored and from that boredom came the Transformation wish Bot, Genie (my first ever Bot creation).
The channel continued like this for about three to four months, then Fornit came on and the list seemed to grow from there. A few more advertisements for the channel hit the TSA-TALK Mailing List and the population of the channel increased. I had to leave for university then, and that meant I couldn't continue to control and keep Genie on the channel. It was on that day, Genie_Bot was handed to Zuul and Zuul was made co-owner of the channel (which was one of my best choices in my life - I might add).

While I was away (probably about a month) the channel continued to grow and prosper. When I finally got back on line, the number of users had grown from about ten/fifteen to be closer to twenty/twenty-five. The channel had a following, and they were people who enjoyed chatting, transformations, and just good fun. Zuul had been working with Genie heaps, and the very basic IRC Bot I had created became a very interactive and wonderful transformation Bot which was way past anything I could have done. Since then, a list of backers grew and the channel finally got enough support and activity to become a registered channel of Undernet.
All the rest if present history, the channel has become very busy, and some things have had to be added, changed, and removed totally. That is what this homepage is, a addition to the still growing impact and fun of the channel. I hope you can become a part of the channel future, because it is only going to grow bigger as we keep going.

Winc (Tracy-Ann Rose-Powell)

Some Dates

1st May 1995

Creation of the
Transformation Story Archive.

3rd April 1996

Creation of the
TSA-Talk Mailing List

12th December 1996

Creation of the
#TSA_List channel on the Undernet

30th December 1996

Creation of

1996 - 1997

Channel grows quickly

10th August 1997

Channel gains backers and
#TSA_list is register to Undernet

1998 - ?

Channel gains regulars and who knows
what's in store for #TSA_List
in the future?

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